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ROYAL JELLY - For Youth & Vitality



Ageing is a natural and unavoidable process.....
that all of us will go through. It is the process of growing old and approaching normal death. Some of us may suffer illnesses during the ageing process, developing arthritis, cataract, diabetes or even heart disease. With ageing also comes a string of other effects on our body, affecting our memory, movement, eyesight and skin.
What is Royal Jelly?
Also called bees’ milk as its color looks like milk, royal jelly is secreted by nurse bees from their head glands. It is produced as food for the ‘developing’ bees and queen bee in the colony.
Queen bees are made, not born. At birth, the queen bee is genetically identical to any other female bees. But while worker bees feed on royal jelly only for the first three days of their larval period, the queen bee feeds on royal jelly her whole life.
That’s why she lives 40 times longer than other bees (4-6 years vs 5-6 weeks) (Exceptional Longevity), and produces up to 2000 eggs a day whereas other female bees are sterile (Remarkable Reproductive Capability). Royal jelly alone transforms the queen into an incredible insect, enhancing its physical performance to remarkable levels.
Royal jelly is rich in essential nutrients which are not just useful for the bees, but also useful for humans, such as:
Protein and amino acids, the most abundant components in royal jelly.
Essential fatty acid. A large amount of fatty acid in royal jelly is 10-HDA. Up till now, 10-HDA cannot be found in any natural products, not even in other bee products1.
1Melliou E, Chinou I. Chemistry and bioactivity of royal jelly from Greece. J Agric Food Chem. 2005. 53: 8987-8992. 
VitaminB complex, such as B1, B2, B6, B12, biotin, folic acid, and inositol. Royal jelly is also rich in vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid, which can help relieve stress.
Fructose and glucose, as the energy source.
• Minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, zinc, iron, cuprum, and manganese

Benefits of Royal Jelly
Improves lifespan
A study done in Japan in the year of 2003 showed that royal jelly improved the average lifespan of mice by more than 25%, due to reduced DNA damage2.

2Inoue S, Koya-Miyata S, Ushio S, Iwaki K, Ikeda M, Kurimoto M. Royal Jelly prolongs the life span of C3H/HeJ mice: correlation with reduced DNA damage. Exp Gerontol. 2003. 38; 965-969. 
The content of protein in royal jelly has high antioxidant activity which can combat harmful free radicals, the key factor of ageing3.
Keeps skin youthful
The content of protein in royal jelly has high antioxidant activity which can combat harmful free radicals, the key factor of ageing3. Royal jelly also helps increase collagen production in cells4.
Improves memory and brain function
~~ The content of ACh (Acetylcholine) in royal jelly helps in improving memory, very useful for elderly people or individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.
~~ Royal jelly has been shown to be neuroprotective, thus protects brain cells from neurological disorders which are getting more common in the elderly such as Parkinsons’ disease5.
Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
Royal jelly contains a protein, called royalisin, which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties6.
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5Hashimoto M, Kanda M, Ikeno K, Hayashi Y, Nakamura T, Ogawa Y, Fukumitsu H, Nomoto H, Furukawa S. Oral administration of royal jelly facilitates mRNA expression of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor and neurofilament H in the hippocampus of the adult mouse brain. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2005 Apr; 69(4): 800-805.
6Fujiwara S, Imai J, Fujiwara M, Yeashima T, Kawashima T, Kobayashi K. A potent antibacterial protein in royal jelly. Purification and determination of the primary structure of royalisin. J Biol Chem. 1990 Julm5; 265(19): 11333-11337. 
Helps strengthen immune system
Royal jelly is also excellent in stimulating the production of immune cells7.
Improves reproductive systems of both man and woman
The queen bee consumes royal jelly her whole life. This has enabled her to produce up to 2,000 eggs per day, compared to other female bees which are infertile. Scientists have researched and found that royal jelly has shown positive effects on woman’s reproductive system which could improve fertility8.

Prevents osteoporosis
~~ Scientists discovered the regular consumption of royal jelly could lower the risk of bone loss as it stimulated the bone’s ability to absorb calcium9.
~~ Furthermore, royal jelly stimulates bone formation. It has positive effects on bone-forming cells, helping slow down osteoporosis caused by reduced bone mass10.
7Sver L, Orsolic N, Tadic Z, Njari B, Valpotic I, Basic I. A royal jelly as a new potential immunomodulator in rats and mice. Comparative Immunology Microbiology and InfectiousDiseases. Volume 19. Issue 1. January 1996; 31-38.
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Why HD Royal Jelly Is the best?
HD has 2 types of Royal Jelly products:
1. HD Liquid Royale Jelly For youth and vitality!
Once royal jelly is produced in the hive, it deteriorates within 24 hours, losing its precious nutrients. HD Liquid Royale Jelly is harvested and processed within 24 hours and immediately frozen to maintain all its nutritional content. It is then mixed in the right proportion with pure, natural clover honey to further preserve and stabilize its nutrients for storage.


2. HD Royal Jelly Tablet For vitality, fuss-free!
Royal jelly in this product is also harvested and processed within 24 hours, and then freeze-dried, which is a proper and effective way to remove the moisture whilemaintaining all its nutritional content. It also contains bee pollen and propolis, to give extra benefits for your health.
This convenient packing is most suitable for those who lead busy lifestyles and are always on the go.

Directions for use
• For HD Liquid Royale Jelly: Take 1/2 teaspoonful before bed time daily (equivalent to 500mg of pure royal jelly).
• For HD Royal Jelly Tablet: Take 2 to 3 tablets before bed time daily. 

- HD Liquid Royale Jelly: Contains 30,000 mg pure royal jelly mixed with 120g of premium clover honey. Available in 150 gm jar.
- HD Royal Jelly Tablet: 30 tablets per bottle. Each tablet consists of 150 mg royal jelly, 99 mg bee pollen and 11 mg bee propolis.

Unit Price
1 pack Royal Jelly 150 mg contents 30 tablets  176,000.00 IDR excluded shipping cost
1 pack Royal Jelly 150 mg contents 90 tablets  352,000.00 IDR excluded shipping cost
1 pack Royal Jelly liquid 483,000.00 IDR excluded postage

Source: http://www.hdindonesia.com

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